August 2007 Troop 87 Newsletter

Tenderfoot Weekend April 21-22, 2007

The annual Troop Tenderfoot weekend was held April 21-22 at McCarthy's farm in Michigan.  Thanks to the McCarthy's for hosting us, and for the adult leaders who came on the weekend.  Because we were a little light on Scout leadership, I was the acting SPL, with a group of about a dozen mostly first and second year Scouts.  For April, the weather was, as my dad put it, "gorgeous".  This shorter campout is to help new Scouts get some camping experience and learn some scouting skills -- and some of the first years did need help with setting up the tents.  The older guys pitched in and everything went fine.  The obstacle course was a hit.  In the evening, some hung out at the campfire and some played "capture the flag". Our team made our flag out of grass, sticks, straw, and the handy manís (and Scout's) secret weapon, duct tape. It worked so effectively, one person walked over it and even fell on it without finding it.  Several Scouts caught fish from the McCarthy's pond.  For lunch, the food in our cooking patrol was cold cuts and we were able to eat right away.  The other patrol, which consisted mostly of the younger scouts, tried to cook lunch.  A valiant effort and good for acquiring Scout skills, but not the best way to get to eat fast.  Another learning experience.  A "hobo dinner" was prepared by parents in the troop using McCarthy's beer keg pressure cooker.  The camp fire provided a chance for everyone to toast some S'mores (and learn what NOT to throw into a fire).  All in all, a very good weekend.

---Paul Weaner 

Hocking Hills Campout- May 2007

A write up from someone attending would be welcome for a future edition

Summer Camp Summer-y (get it, ah Iím killiní myself)

We had a lot of fun at Summer camp at Camp Frontier. We arrived on Sunday and set up camp at 130pm. At 4pm all of us went to the pool for the swimming test and everyone passed. Later we went to Vespers and listened to a song. After that we went to the opening campfire where the staff put on skits for the camp.

On Monday, merit badges started and it was safety day. We had a lost camper drill. On Tuesday the power went out at the dining hall so we had leftovers for dinner. Also the Baden-Powell inspections started. This is an award that a troop wins for keeping their campsite neat and clean throughout the week and making some useful campsite gadgets using scouting skills. Wednesday was Parent Night and the Order of the Arrow callout. From our troop we had Blake Wasung, Eric OíBrien, Sean McCarthy, Michael Tita, Austin Bohn, and one more called out. Thursday was waterball day (trying to push a large ball over to the other teamís side using firehoses) and we won.

Friday we had a closing campfire where several of the troops did skits for the camp. There we received our Baden-Powell Award (named after the founder of Scouting Lord Baden-Powell) for the 7th year in a row. We got a jump on Saturday check out by doing a patrol line that night (policing the campsite for litter and such). And Saturday it was pack up and leave camp and come home tired, dirty, and happy.

                                                                                                Blake Wasung

The Bruce Trail

Hiking the Bruce Trail up on the Bruce Peninsula in Ontario Canada was a great high adventure campout.  The trip had everything scouts love to do: hiking, climbing, swimming, kayaking, and exploring.  We left Thursday afternoon and drove just till we crossed the border and stayed at Pinery Provincial Park.  The next morning we woke and drove the last three hours of the total six hour drive to Tobermory.  When we arrived we went to the visitorsí center for the Fathom Five National Marine Park and the Bruce Peninsula National Park.  At the center was a museum and a short movie we saw about the area. Then we were off to town where we caught a boat tour of the islands and had the most delicious frozen yogurt.  That night we ate at a restaurant famous for their Fish ní Fries and then got a good nights rest.  In the morning we ate breakfast and were off to the trail with our daypacks.  We started the hike on the trail but we were not timid to go exploring off the trail to look in caves, do some bouldering, or even free climb 25 feet (if you were up to it).  After that side hike everyone was hungry so we hiked along the shoreline to a place Mr. Mann said would be great for lunch, which it was.  After lunch we hiked to a swimming area and Whoa! The water is beyond cold.  Next we followed the loop to The Grotto which everyone enjoyed seeing.  Following The Grotto we hiked along Pebble Beach and split into two groups.  One group went back to the campsite where most went kayaking and swimming but group two stayed at Pebble Beach and did some rappelling.  Dinner that night was great and everyone was exhausted.  Tomorrow awaited a six hour drive home with a cool stop at a cheese factory.

Michael Tita


Upcoming Events

Findlay Farm Aug 17-19 in the Irish Hills of MI. Sign up at a meeting. $10 should cover it.

Patrol Leaderís Council Meeting (PLC) Aug 13 Monday 7pm at Mr. Blankís office on Central Av across from Meijers. All Patrol Leaders and Troop leaders such as SPL, ASPL, etc should be there. Itís your troop!!

Put in Bay campout Sept 7-9 $55 for the weekend, nearly all inclusive.


Communications update

As a matter of efficiency and speed, the Troop plans to use email as the primary means of communicating Troop 87 information (outside of the information presented / available at regular Troop meetings).  With that in mind, we want to be sure that weíre reaching everyone in the best way possible. 

So, if you are receiving this, but maybe not to the "best" email address for you/your family, or if youíd like us to add an additional email, please let us know.   If you know of a family that doesnít have email, or has it and you think they may not be on the list, please let us know that, too.  You may send adds and changes for the mailing list to Mike Weaner at

And, as always, we continue to work to keep the Troop Website up to date, visit regularly for more information!!!