October 2007 Troop 87 Newsletter


Put-In-Bay Camporee Sept 7-9, 2007


On 10 September 1813 Oliver Hazard Perry, commanding an American fleet of nine vessels, defeated a British fleet of six ships at the Battle of Lake Erie. Perry's pivotal victory was the turning point of the War of 1812 in the Old Northwest, and his success also enabled William Henry Harrison to transport his army to Canada, where a small British army and its Indian allies were defeated at the Battle of the Thames River on 5 October 1813. These dual victories virtually ended the war in the Old Northwest and provided one of the principal bargaining points for the United States commissioners at the peace talks in Ghent, Belgium.

On Put-In-Bay stands the Perry Peace Memorial in honor of Oliver Perry, those killed in battle, and the victory without which the War of 1812 wouldn’t have been won by the Americans.
















Besides being a very popular summer resort due to its beautiful landscape and the majestic lake that surrounds it, its also home to the ever so popular camp out that our troop takes part in. There is also the Heineman's winery and Crystal Cave, the world's largest geode.


            Will Heinrichs, 1st class, says “It was fun and very well put together. Even though it rained at night, the day was still very sunny. I roomed with Troy, Blake, and Jamey.” Upon further interview, he noted that “I found myself well prepared and when it came the time to set up, it came and went surprisingly quick.”


            I later questioned Will about the more serious side of the campout besides the candy store and parade and he stated that “I learned much about the Perry monument, who and what it stands for, and the War of 1812. I also visited the winery, explored caves, biked the island, and tackled a maze. I also went up the monument and saw Cedar Point, the Canadian border, and much more of the island. I will definitely be back next year!”


            Even though I myself was unable to attend this year, I know how fun and educational this campout is and I would say its right up there on my top three favorite campouts. So if you find yourself yearning for a thrill and much enjoyment why not consult the Scout Master about possibly joining in on next year’s campout to Put-In-Bay.  – Submitted by Will Crown, Troop Scribe


Stream Clean up Sept 15, 2007

A write up from someone attending would be welcome for a future edition. Thanks to Mr. Weaner and Mr. Goldsmith for leading this event that directly benefits our community.


Upcoming Events




Cub Weekend Nov 10-11 at Camp Miakonda. See Mr. Siebeneck or Dan Mills. This is a mandatory event where we host the Cub Pack 87 and try to show them what Boy Scouts is really about, having fun in the outdoors.


Operation Respect Nov 10 at Anderson’s Store on Talmadge Rd. We collect no longer serviceable American flags for respectful retirement at a later date. We need about 2-3 Scouts for each 2 hour shift. All are welcome at the retirement ceremony in December when a specific date is set. See Mr. Ampthor.


Other Items of interest


Swap Meet - Looking for a Scout to volunteer for and lead the Troop swap meet and sale of previously owned equipment and uniforms. Nothing elaborate, just need an organizer, set a date, and do a bit of publicity.


Popcorn Sale - Popcorn Sale is on now through November 24. For our troop this is pretty low key though a way for the Scouts to earn money that goes into their account at the troop for scouting related activity and equipment. Scouts benefit about 30% of their sales to their account. Please see Mrs. Sherman for order forms or other details.


Communications - As a matter of efficiency and speed, the Troop plans to use email as the primary means of communicating Troop 87 information (outside of the information presented / available at regular Troop meetings).  With that in mind, we want to be sure that we’re reaching everyone in the best way possible. 


So, if you are receiving this, but maybe not to the “best” email address for you/your family, or if you’d like us to add an additional email, please let us know.   If you know of a family that doesn’t have email, or has it and you think they may not be on the list, please let us know that, too.  You may send additions and changes for the mailing list to Mike Weaner at mweaner@cdstoledo.com.


And, as always, we continue to work to keep the Troop Website up to date, visit www.troop87sylvania.com regularly for more information!!!